Privacy Policy

PMG Rewards takes the issue of safeguarding your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy describes how the PMG Rewards treats personal information collected through the website, either directly or indirectly by telephone number. In this policy, personal information means that all personally identifiable, including but not limited to your name, email address, phone number, demographic information, guest stay information including date of arrival and departure, and credit card detail.

Why we collect personal information?

  1. To maintain a responsible of commercial relationship between the guests and hotel as well as to provide an excellent customer service. Your personal information is collected in order to provide the service you request, such as to facilitate online and offline reservations, send email confirmations or pre-arrival messages, and to provide the guests with other information that you might be needed about hotel facilities.
  2. To understand your needs and preference during your stay at the hotel. We might ask for an additional information; hence we can serve the guests better, i.e. room type preference.
  3. For marketing research. We might wish to contact the guests after their stay to conduct a surveys and to receive the guests’ view of our services and facilities.

How is personal information collected?

  1. On our website at A “cookie” might be given to all guests whomever access our website. A cookie and other similar trackers are packets of data used by servers to identify the guests’ preferences, and are enhancing the guests’ experience to visit the site, including targeted advertising by PMG Rewards that might be the guests’ interest. The cookie can be blocked by the guests if they do not want to accept it by adjusting the settings on each Internet browser. The personal information is also collected from the time the guests are making the online reservation from our website. When the guests create a reservation profile, they will be asked to provide a personally identifiable information as above. The credit card number will be verified using a checking sequence.
  2. During the guests stay at PMG Hotels & Resorts. We will record the guests’ information, but not limited to certain information, i.e. passport number, payment treatment, special requests and services, and all information to comply with financial reporting requirements, including other expense billed to the guests’ room. In addition, we might retain all information from comment cards, email, and similar forms of communication, before, during, or after stay at PMG Hotels.

When do we disclose personal information?

Any such disclosure of the guests’ personal information by PMG Rewards to the third party will be made only with the guests’ consent.